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At Task Reports, we believe beautiful software design enables instant adoption. From our first log-in to our last, we looked at how much time was required to locate each new feature. Project management is a straight-forward concept in our minds, so why can’t the tool you use provide the same simplicity.



The best project management solutions should provide a rich set of features to assist with keeping your tasks organized, while not confusing the user. We review project management for personal use, enterprise, and everything in between. Our task reports are biased to the intended scope of the application.



By reaching out to the current users of these tools we are able to grasp a deeper understanding of overall client satisfaction. We believe this style of critiquing provides a necessary distinguishment between standard “user reviews.”

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The tables on this site saved so much time. Thank you TaskReports for all your help! Couldn't be happier with the platform I chose.
-Mark Skaggs
Beautiful website. Love the comparison tables 🙂
Jason Michaels
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