4 Great Business Benefits of Task Management Software

Workers from any industry suffer from a huge issue: how to manage their tasks and projects.

Poor task management can cause headaches, frustrations and unnecessary arguments that cause more dissension on your team. A poor software experience can be maddening, which can then bleed over into the performance of your team.

But you can get help: The right project management software can do wonders for your team, their attitude and their ability to get their work done. In this post, you’ll learn how some of your business problems can be solved with task management software.

1) Know What To Do Next

Keeping up with project details is a huge concern. It seems easy enough to send out an email to your team with the next steps. In fact, this is the way many people start. But then people have questions, and more emails are added to your inbox from unrelated issues and that email chain could be lost in the daily deluge. But questions still linger: Who is working on what? When is this due? Has any progress been made? Project management software can help you with that and limit your emails.

2) One-Stop Shop for Info

Your work probably contains a variety of software programs–from a CRM to sales management to knowledge management and more. No project management software can do everything (nor would you want it to), but it’s easy to integrate with other tools that you use most. Many great tools offer integrations that will sync and update as your work in each tool. Also, you can add attachments and links to the task details in your project management software, therefore giving you a central place for truth.

3) Anytime Access

One of the benefits of cloud-based project management software is that you can log in, update tasks and make any adjustments from anywhere that your team is traveling. This doesn’t seem like a huge deal at first, but it does eliminate the frequent drop-ins from colleagues asking for a few minutes of your time. A lot of their basic questions could be handled in project management software, and gives your whole team the freedom to work even if the boss is traveling or on the road. If you manage your tasks in Excel or another spreadsheet, this is always the case–especially if you’re always attaching files back and forth, wondering what’s happening with the latest version.

4) Easier approvals

One of the ways to improve your team communication is to have a defined system for approving work and projects. With email, you may be left waiting for that “yes” or “This looks good” when a simple check mark and status change to “Complete” in your project management software will suffice. It also gives team leaders a way to make approvals and reviews on projects quickly, without having to wade through emails or spreadsheets.
With all that said, it’s difficult to know which task management software is right for you, which is where reviews and testing can help you. To help you start, it may be a good idea to try a few tools for free or on a trial basis to understand what they can do and which style you like best.


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