Trello vs ClickUp: Comparison of Top Project Management Software

We Love Trello

Let’s acknowledge Trello is a great product.  Its simplicity makes it accessible to project managers from all walks of life.  No special training needed to manage projects.  

Trello’s organization – with boards for projects, columns for statuses, and cards for tasks – makes it an intuitive and simple tool to use for anyone familiar with the Agile process.  

Small teams especially like Trello for its simplicity and ease of use.  

Additionally, Trello offers tons of power-ups at a price.  However, Trello does have its limitations.  

If your team has grown beyond a few members and your projects have also grown in complexity it may be time to consider ClickUp, a Trello alternative.

Frustrated with Trello’s Lack of Scalability?

Now that you’ve grown.  If you’re using Trello, have larger teams, or are managing multiple simultaneous projects, you’ll have found that all of the detail you desperately need to manage is lost ever growing columns that seem expand endlessly both vertically and horizontally.  

A single board simply is not a good top-level task container.  You’re swamped in unorganized detail on hundreds of cluttered boards with thousands of cards.  

Trello’s To-Do Lists are great, but trying to use them manage projects of any size becomes a side-scrolling nightmare.  

There’s got to be a better way!

Why ClickUp is a Better Alternative

From initial concept, the ClickUp app was designed to be a productivity platform.  

The key to achieving that productivity is ClickUp’s intuitive organization.  

ClickUp’s boards are contained in projects allowing you to quickly move between projects and spaces.

When managing several projects simultaneously, you’ll need to see across the entire organization and drill into project detail quickly.

ClickUp provides different views for different purposes.  

  • List View makes projects easy to find and manage  
  • Box View gives you a high-level view across the organization
  • Board View provides a more powerful drag and drop Agile/Kanban management

Single boards are simply not top-level task containers.  Teams end up having so many boards it becomes impossible to find anything.  

In effectively managing teams, ClickUp’s ability to assign tasks to either a single individual or multiple individuals to a task is enormous. A feature absent in Trello.  

If you can’t assign users to tasks you certainly can’t manage their workload.  ClickUp’s Task View further enables effective management of teams and resources with Time Tracking.  

Although the entire point of the Agile methodology is to manage the process, not the resources at some point someone must pay the pipers, analyze where the money went and what the return on the investment is.  

The guys and gals in accounting are going to love you for this one.

Available Features 

Trello offers tons of Power Ups, but there’s that little matter of paying for them, and after who really wants to nickel and dimed to death for features that should really be there, to begin with?  

With ClickUp you get those add-ons features and more as part of the core product.  

The calendar features like scheduling your tasks and projects, setting reminders for approaching due dates, viewing what your progress on the current task and what you’ll be working on next, are built-in.  

ClickUp offers 100MB of storage plus a better board view, list view, and box view – all free forever. 

Have you found yourself asking, “Where did my cards go?”

How do you manage current active tasks if they’re lost in the confusion and chaos of cards being scattered across dozens or hundreds of Trello boards?  

Professional work is tough to scale in Trello. Columns are forever growing both vertically and horizontally.

To do lists may seem like a great way manage active tasks but when your projects are large they become a side-scrolling nightmare.

ClickUp’s organizational hierarchy organizes teams, projects, and tasks into a neatly organized navigable structure.  

In ClickUp, each task window is all about having the visibility giving you the ability to take immediate action.  

ClickUp’s divides task details into two columns, left and right.

The left side displays task details – basically, what needs to be done and how to do it. The right side is all about communication and alerting assignees and watchers of new activity.

Have it your way

ClickUp lets you have it your way.  You can add or remove features to suit your workspace’s needs. This involves multiple assignees, due dates, and priorities.

Inside of each task, ClickUp provides rich text formatting tools in the task’s description and activity fields. You’re not limited to basic text or complex markdown. 

Switching from a mere project management tool to a productivity platform will optimize and simplify your project management efforts.

The visibility provided by ClickUp’s intuitive hierarchy will let you speed through tasks through your project management tasks.

Compare Trello and ClickUp with our side by side comparison tools today!


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