How To Balance Personalized Customer Service And Automation

In a world where technology is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives, many fear that automation will negatively affect not only our workforce, but also how we interact with others, especially in regard to customer service. Many wonder if it is possible to offer personalized customer service while automation’s presence continues to increase. However, the goal of automation is not to replace human presence, but rather to function as tools that allow for more time and more personalized customer service.

balancing your customer service team

Here are a few examples of different ways that you can use automation as tools to improve customer service.

Use a Live Chat to Proactively Contact Users and Answer Questions

Unfortunately, not everyone is as proficient at using their devices and navigating websites as the modern teen. All it takes is a few clicks, and some customers can be completely lost! On a daily basis, customers encounter issues that are, more often than not, out of our control. However, we can choose how to resolve these issues.

A simple way to proactively contact customers is to create a live chat on the website that the customers may choose to interact with. This live chat offers immediate support to the customer that has been unable to find the answers that they need.

In addition, it is important to not just sit back and wait for the customer to ask a question through the chat. If the customer continues to revisit a page multiple times, it may be a sign that they are unable to find the answers they are looking for. To provide better support, be sure to reach out to the customer if they visit a page more than once.

Behaviors like this indicate that the customer could use help, and are an opportunity to trigger a live chat message with personalized responses.

Collect FAQ’s and Offer Help

A good way to get a sense of what kinds of questions customers are asking or what problems they may be experiencing is to collect frequently asked questions and comments. By taking note of these two things, you can identify trends and create customized answers to these questions or comments.

It is also a good idea to prepare questions and answers in a linkable document, so that you have easy access to them. In addition, you should place them in an easily accessible page on your website, so that customers have access to them.

If you combine the observance of these trends and behaviors (ie. visiting pages multiple times or searching for specific keywords), you can also create messages to the customer with the most relevant questions and answers.

In a sense, the goal of FAQ’s is to try and provide your customers with as much information as possible in a way that is easy to access. If the customer still cannot find the answer they are looking for, they can then turn to the live chat for additional support.

Just remember, the more data you collect about your customers and visitors, the more you will be able to easily create personalized customer service tools.

Have a Social Media Presence

A social media presence can be the perfect tool to enhance human connection and offset the impersonal attributes that come with automation. Many people use social media to communicate their likes and dislikes, or even to ask questions from other users or even the company itself. It is a good place to learn about what kinds of questions customers frequently ask or problems they are encountering.

In addition, using social media will not only give people a positive view of your brand, but also create a platform on which you can interact with them directly. For example, if a person were to ask you a question on Twitter, you can respond to them personally. Other people will also take notice of this interaction. By demonstrating that your company has people behind the automation, customers will be less likely to feel as though the customer service is lacking.

Don’t Fear Automation. Use it.

There are many different ways that you can use automation to improve customer service, whether that is free up more time or to provide your customers with helpful information that will better direct them to the service they need.

Don’t be afraid of the increase of technology at your workplace. Instead, exploit these tools at your disposal to ensure that your customers will experience the best, personalized customer service.

Author Bio: Lance Waterly is a freelance writer and consultant. He specializes in new and innovative customer service solutions. As a consultant for HelpOnClick software, he’s always looking for new opportunities to enhance customer experiences online.


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