Stop Repeating Yourself

Modern managers know projects get hectic. In the midst of everything going on, tasks not directly acknowledged or assigned are often left behind. Too often, this leads to management having to remember what was discussed, and determine the correct team members to distribute tasks. To increase company efficiency, it will be necessary to eliminate repetition without sacrificing speed.

Life becomes much easier when you aren’t perpetually cycling through every little thing you want done trying to make sure it’s on track.

As a manager,  it is your responsibility to ensure your team’s tasks and projects get done on time. Rigorous tracking is the most cost-effective management tool, and your software needs to make this easy on you.

Without the essential tools under your belt, you’re destined to frustration and hours of micro-management to realign priorities when it is time to pay the “organizational debt” you’ve gathered.

This is a HUGE waste of your time.

These issues are most prevalent in high-stakes situations when no team member can afford to spend time rooting through old messages. Aside from costing time, energy, and sanity, unassigned tasks introduce major bottlenecks that no company can afford..

So what’s the solution?

An interesting new idea emerging from a few of our favorite apps includes instant, organized task creation. Assign mentioned tasks directly within conversations. Comments are often written as subtasks, so why wouldn’t they be easily assignable? Assigning colleagues comments ensures that the all minor points are addressed before moving forward. Have a cool idea related to your task pop into your head? You should spend less than 10 seconds creating a subtask to get it done in an organized way.

Being able to turn any comment that pops up during your conversations into a task allows you to create new tasks without wasting time AND avoid drafting up a whole new task. One click and any comment can be converted to a task without any extra work on your (or their) part.

We love seeing new features like this show up in project management platforms old and new.


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