Find Ways to Do More of the Work You Enjoy

Ever feel like there’s no point going to work each day? I’m not talking temporary boredom. I mean deep dissatisfaction in your day-to-day that stems from not believing in what you do. On my journey to doing what I love I had four realizations that I would like to share with you now. It should be noted that no job is perfect, and you have to put in work to excel at anything, but I hope you find the motivation you need for a more fulfilling career – and life – below.

1. Recall childhood passions

Our society and schooling teach us to ask the question “what am I good at?” But that’s a dangerous question with the potential to ruin the rest of your life! Our genuine driving force is what we are passionate about, not what we happen to be good at in someone else’s eyes. True excitement is revealed to us in childhood, yet too often the toll of real-life stunts our motivation to see these things through. Try to remember how you viewed the world before society dropped its weight on you.

2. Take money out of the equation, for a moment

Really focus on what matters to you. This is key in leading a fulfilling life. If you go about this correctly, the end goal should be quite distant to you now. Then, and only then, should you begin planning out how to reach your goal in a financially sensible way. Of course, the career you fall into should ultimately lead to financial security, but if security is the purpose of your efforts, you’re setting yourself to end up in a monotonous cycle.

3. Emulate your professional idol 

This can literally be anyone you look up to who does what they love. When you’re around someone why genuinely loves what they do, you feel it. Everyone wants to be more like that person. They are able to enjoy life to its fullest. For me, this person was Steven Colbert. His energy is absolutely infectious and has shown me what it looks like to love your job. If possible, try to contact this person. If this is not possible, hop over to Amazon and read everything you can about their life.

4. Just Do It

Sure, you have a few things in mind that you’re passionate about, but to choose a focus requires getting your boots dirty. So watch educational videos, read as much as you can, and put your everything into making the most of life for yourself.

Following these simple ideas, I found my passion and life will never be the same. I believe that these tips will be life-transforming for anyone who applies real thought.

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