One Positive Outlook is Greater Than Ten Cups of Coffee

Millennials love quitting. More accurately, millennials crave being part of something new. Some estimates claim as many as 70% of working professionals in this age group are ready to jump-ship at the first sound of a better gig. If we want to properly understand why, we have to look past external behavior and focus on the root causes.

According to Reuters, the fundamental drive millennials have in the careers they pursue (aside from money) is having their work align with their personal values. Millennials want a job that lets them change the world or impact people’s lives in a meaningful way. They want to know that what they’re doing ties into something bigger and more profound than helping propel another generic corporation to a slightly better P&L statement.

But, how successful have they been at achieving this alignment?

As you look closer, you find a peculiar distinction between the millennials who have achieved this goal and those who haven’t. Those who have seem to feel they’re doing “the work of their life” and demonstrate an intensity of dedication that makes the strenuous work loads of our grandparents seem lackadaisical.

Those who haven’t? Well, let’s just say nobody around them is wondering how much they’re enjoying their current employment situation.

But the most surprising part is those who have achieved alignment have done so largely independent of external factors – meaning: they didn’t just stumble into the perfect job. When you look closer, you see that they share a unifying principle which has allowed them to transform any work they do into something meaningful.

What’s the principle?

Change your internal and external dialog about work into something positive.

What does that mean? It means saying “I’m going to learn everything possible from this project” instead of “I can’t believe I have to complete this project.”

Instead of “I have too much to do..” say “I can’t wait to do these things!”

The best of all, however, is learning to reframe ‘meaningless’ work into an opportunity for mastery.

Stop whining about stacking papers (or whatever equivalent tasks you find dumped onto your plate) – instead, adopt a Japanese samurai-like discipline and learn how to out-stack the best paper stackers.

If you’re like most people, your first thought is “all this sounds great in writing…” (and you’re not wrong, it does), but don’t let that mislead you into thinking you have nothing to gain from this concept.

The key to implementing this, however, is making your environment conducive to success. This is true for most things, and it’s certainly true here. In order to maintain a positive and effective inner dialogue, you must have a surrounding that helps you achieve and maintain this state.

Of course, you will have to make an effort to deliberately shift the language you use internally, but keeping yourself in the right state will make this gradual change much smoother. For starters, you’ll want to do the obvious and surround yourself with nice pictures and peaceful sounds.

If you work well with music, this is a fantastic opportunity to bias your state of mind in the right direction. Something harder (and much broader), but no less important, is keeping up a healthy personal life. We’re social creatures and require relationships to thrive. If you think you can suppress these needs without having consequences spill over into the quality of your work, you are due for a not-so-pleasant awakening.

Tune out negative energy or people around you. If you can’t cut somebody off, do what you can to create physical distance. Negativity is toxic and will drain your energy.

Lastly, anything you interact with constantly needs to be pleasant to use. Those people that drop $10,000 on a mattress? They seem crazy until you lay down on that mattress. If you use something during 30% of your life, that’s a huge opportunity for quality of life improvements.

At TaskReports we believe that the tools you use at work each day are vital to happiness in your job. Imagine using a Windows 95 desktop computer while all of your friends key away at their brand new iMacs. Frustrating right? Don’t be left in the dust, it’s time to realize that some software is simply better and it is worth your time to choose correctly.

For me and my team, project management has been rejuvenated by a new company that goes by ClickUp. Their platform quickly became our gold standard for its brilliant design and simple user interface. The range of use for this tool makes it compelling for any experience level. Other simple designs include Asana and Basecamp, however, these lack some functionality required by professionals.

At the end of the day, all that matters is a positive outlook and a resilient frame of mind.

Most people are convinced that the grass is greener on the other side, you might just find that you’re in the place you need to be to find your purpose. By restructuring your inner-dialogue, you can transform how you perceive your current role and how what you’re doing can impact the future.

While the best approach to adoption is “updating“ your environment to help reinforce the habits of productive and positive inner dialogue, you may see tremendous improvements simply by making a consistent hourly effort to think positively.


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