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How to build a winning technology team

Positive Outlook Task Reports Blog

Startups are a hot topic these days, but in reality, creating a winning technology team hasn’t become any easier. Every day people start bold projects that are doomed to die because they fail to ...

Find Ways to Do More of the Work You Enjoy

Find Your Passion Task Reports Blog

Ever feel like there's no point going to work each day? I'm not talking temporary boredom. I mean deep dissatisfaction in your day-to-day that stems from not believing in what you do. On my ...

Project Management in the Networked Age

Project Management in the Networked Age Task Reports Reviews Blog

The networked age is here, and with it comes a number of changes that deeply affect society. Whether it’s the ubiquity of social media and the nearly instant removal of personal privacy, times are ...

Stop Repeating Yourself

Stop Repeating Yourself TaskReports Reviews Blog

Modern managers know projects get hectic. In the midst of everything going on, tasks not directly acknowledged or assigned are often left behind. Too often, this leads to management having to ...

Custom Project Management

Custom Project Management TaskReports Reviews Blog

Here, we are going to cover the largest waste of time for nearly every project manager. Having your team do the same thing more than once. Let's become more efficient leaders and review the ...

The Challenges of PM Software

Challenges Of Project Management Software TaskReports Reviews Blog

As technology evolves and the process behind building products shifts, so does project management software. Management software must continually evolve as projects become more complex and diverse. ...

Project Management Software Essentials

Project Management Software Essentials

Project managers take on more responsibility than anyone else on the team. On any given day, you’re scheduling meetings, analyzing reports, planning, delegating tasks, etc. On an extra busy day this ...

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