Productivity Hacks of Successful Founders – Update Your Software

Building your company’s infrastructure correctly provides the edge needed to survive. Do it right? Thrive. Do it wrong? Well…

Let’s just say cutting edge technology will always give you an unfair advantage. Out-of-date tech, however, pushes you into irrelevance. It would be a crime to look up the “best software for ____” and blindly accept the first result you see.

In fact, that’s the route big companies expect you to take. Do this and end up with the same bloated tools from 1995 that everyone else is stuck with.

Bad software is cancer for any organization; a convoluted system means your employees waste time and energy struggling to complete ideally basic tasks.

Alternatively, using the right tools means you get to cut out BS and focus on what matters: building products, creating value, and closing sales.

While most sites are going to keep on pushing the same old tools, we’re happy to share with you 3 of the most innovative tools from 2017 so you can get a leg up on your competition.

Innovative Project Management: ClickUp

ClickUp offers a new approach to project management software which delivers on its ambitious promises through unbelievable usability, flexibility, and power.

This project management platform totally redefines what it means to operate your business. A core philosophy of ClickUp is avoiding the ‘bloated’ feel, that’s why you’re in control of picking features you need, and turning the others off.

Projects are more complex than ever; collaboration software is no longer a useful tool, but an essential component of any healthy business.

And as any project manager knows, tasks are almost always correlated with visual design. Traditionally, this means you have to use another platform like Invision for the design portion of your project. Not anymore. Keep design and development in one place with ClickUp’s design platform.

Liberate your team with ClickUp here!

Innovative Time Tracking: Timedoctor

This time-tracking masterpiece provides management with deep insights into the productivity potential of their team.

TimeDoctor gives managers a broad awareness of what happens, when it happens, and how it happens. Combining deep insights with a seamless, nearly invisible desktop application for employees, TimeDoctor delivers where other time-trackers fall short. You can even see a real-time view of your employee’s screen!

While some time-tracking software has been criticized as being clunky and bloated, TimeDoctor runs blazingly fast on nearly any operating system and under the diciest of technical limitations.

This unbreakable smoothness allows for a pure and uninterrupted work experience, something made impossible by other tools which bombard the user with interruptions, ‘check-ins’, and CPU spikes.

What gets measured gets managed, and work is no exception. Start seeing under the hood of your business with TimeDoctor here!

Innovative Insights: Fullstory

Fullstory is an amazing tool allowing you to see how your customers behave on your website or app.

Knowing how your customers act – where they go, what they do, where they struggle – is eye-opening for everyone we work with. You literally get to see the customer’s mouse movements and every action on the screen. The web console also reveals what went wrong if your customer runs into a bug.

Aside from the obvious, immediate clarity regarding what’s working and what isn’t, Fullstory can give you new ideas based on the behavior revealed. The interface allows you to quickly navigate through the entire customer journey and locate where any pain points might be.

That one image? Turns out everybody stops to look at it. Maybe include more images like that or reflect on what’s so great about it?

Every website is different, knowing how people interact with yours is just one more way to stay ahead of the herd.

Get a closer look at your website or app using Fullstory here!


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